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Vampires are a dangerous type of undead. Whilst humans are the most common victims of vampirism, it can infect other species as well, including hounds and even dragons. Throughout the multiverse, vampires can be created through other vampires transforming their victims, or through enchantment.

The most defining characteristic of vampires is their hunger for the blood or lifeforce of others. Other traits of vampires include unnatural physical strength, enhanced healing powers and the ability to fly, with the method of flight being through either natural or magical means. Many vampires are highly sensitive to sunlight and therefore only go out at night or in the shade, but this is not always the case. Regardless, the secretive and predatory nature of the creatures means that they all prefer the cover of darkness. Vampires can range from being mindless predators to sophisticated and intelligent nobles. The appearance of vampires is similarly varied, although they all have at least two elongated fangs and the more feral ones have bat-like qualities.

Types of Vampires


Before the Conflux, the vampires were exclusive to the shard known as Grixis, but after it are now free to roam the plane.


Sengir Vampires

Sengir Vampires are said to be descendants of the legendary Baron Sengir on Dominaria and Ulgrotha. Whilst they are most common on the latter, others have been found across the multiverse. On Dominaria they were found in Aerona and in the pits of the Cabal in Otaria. Over the centuries, the Sengir bloodline has degenerated; while they were once as attractive and human-seeming as their progenitor, the Sengir vampires are now hideous, misshapen creatures with pointed ears, long claws, feral eyes, or visible red veins all over their bodies.

Krovikan Vampires

Krovikan Vampires stalked the streets of the plague-ridden city of Krov during the Ice Age. They were led by Garza Zol.

Vampiric Dragons

A Vampiric Dragon appeared in a short story in the Monsters of Magic anthology. They are particularly dangerous, combining the strengths of both races to lethal effect.


Mephidross Vampires

Mephidross Vampires are named after the Mephidross on Mirrodin. The warlord Geth kept what he believed to be the only Mephidross Vampire as his personal bodyguard until it was defeated by Glissa. Like all of the creatures on Mirrodin, Mephidross Vampires are partly metallic.

It's most prominent feature is that it has fangs on his hands rather than his mouth.


Skyshroud Vampires

Skyshroud Vampires are found in the Skyshroud Forest, where the dense foliage provides them with shelter from the sun. They are amongst the most bat-like and unintelligent forms of vampire.



The Moroii from Ravnica are psionic vampires, draining the youth and mental abilities of their victims for sustenance. They are employed by House Dimir as assassins. They are unaffected by sunlight.


Little is known of this types of vampires. The only known survivor of this race is Szadek, parun of the House Dimir guild.

Legendary Vampires


  • Crovax the Cursed was once a mortal man from Urborg, but following his defection to Phyrexia he became the insane vampiric evincar of Rath. He was able to absorb the life force of his victims directly, although he also enjoyed consuming the rest of the body. Like other evincars, he was known to keep vampire hounds as pets.
  • Mirri the Cursed, in an alternate reality she is the vampiric Evincar of Rath instead of Crovax.
  • Garza Zol was the vampiress that ruled over Krov. She allied with Heidar following the thaw, but later had him murdered by one of her assassins.
  • Shauku, Endbringer was an ancient and mysterious Jamuraan vampire. She was revered by cultists calling themselves the Agents of Shauku, although it is unclear whether she was simply worshipped by them or actively led them.


  • Baron Sengir is the mastermind of the Sengir clan of Vampires and the self-styled lord of Ulgrotha. One of the most intelligent and dangerous vampires, he ultimately he plans to dominate the multiverse with his undead family. He is the sire of the dwarven vampire Irini Sengir.


  • Szadek, Lord of Secrets is the Parun and guildmaster of House Dimir. An ancient and powerful entity, over 10,000 years old, Szadek and his guild are widely believed to be merely a myth amongst Ravnica's populace. Szadek's hunger is for the minds of his victims, with the first thought he consumes being the memory of his attack.

Game mechanics

The most defining characteristic of vampires is their hunger for the blood or lifeforce of others. This has been represented mechanically in a number of ways within the game, most notably the addition of +1/+1 counters for sending other creatures to the graveyard.