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Serra Angel (comic)

Serra Angel cover

Serra Angel is a comic released by ARMADA in 1996. It is written by Margaret Weis and illustrated by Rebecca Guay.


"A young wizard who wants it all, summons the one being who can give it to him... the Serra Angel."


Aldon, a young man from a Dominaria lost his castle to the wizard Dreygar. He summons a Sengir vampire, a frozen shade, and a bog wraith to help him to regain his castle, and later summons a Serra angel, who shows him the beauty of the world. Dreygar then sends a fallen angel to seduce Aldon. Aldon, his creatures, and the Serra angel assault the castle; Aldon kills the fallen angel and Dreygar, and once again rules his castle. However, his angel perishes in the battle against the fallen angel.


The issues included an oversized 6"x9" Serra Angel with alternative artwork by Rebecca Guay.

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