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One of the five basic lands, Mountain provides red mana, which is required to cast most red spells. [1]

Additionally there is a snow variant, the Snow-Covered Mountain.

Mountain has been printed in more sets than any other card, including the other basic lands. It was the only basic land printed in Arabian Nights. An Arabian Nights mountain is the rarest mountain from any set. [2]

List of Mountains[edit | edit source]

Mountains of Alara[edit | edit source]

Grixis[edit | edit source]

Jund[edit | edit source]

Mountains of Dominaria[edit | edit source]

Burning Isles[edit | edit source]

Corondor[edit | edit source]

Jamuraa[edit | edit source]

Madara[edit | edit source]

Otaria[edit | edit source]

Sarpadia[edit | edit source]

Shiv[edit | edit source]

The island of Shiv is the most powerful red mana location on Dominaria.

Terisiare[edit | edit source]

The Domains[edit | edit source]

Mountains of Kamigawa[edit | edit source]

Mountains of Lorwyn-Shadowmoor[edit | edit source]

Mountains of Mercadia[edit | edit source]

Mountains of Mirrodin[edit | edit source]

Mountains of Rabiah[edit | edit source]

Mountains of Ravnica[edit | edit source]

Mountains of Ulgrotha[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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