Modern Horizons

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Modern Horizons
Modern Horizons logo.png
Set Information
Set symbol
Symbol description abstract horned head on a rhombus
Design Ethan Fleischer (co-lead)
Mark Globus (co-lead)
Mark Rosewater
Development Adam Prosak (co-lead)
Mark Globus (co-lead)
Art direction Cynthia Sheppard
Release date June 14, 2019
Plane Various[1]
Themes and
Set size 254 + 1
Expansion code MH1[2]
Development codename Contemporary[3]
New-to-Modern sets
Modern Horizons N/A N/A
Magic: The Gathering chronology
War of the Spark Modern Horizons Core Set 2020

Modern Horizons is a Magic booster set which will be released on June 14, 2019.[4] Modern Horizons is the Innovation Product for 2019, and is designed to be drafted.

Set details[edit | edit source]

This set introduces new cards into Modern without them ever being legal in Standard. It contains new cards and only reprints which are currently not legal in Modern.[5] For this, it was rigorously playtested by Play Design.[6] In addition there are five basic lands, and a Buy-a-Box card which is also a new-to-Modern reprint. The powerful new card options, some with old mechanics, are mixed with flavorful updates for favorite characters.[7]

Marketing[edit | edit source]

Modern Horizons will be printed for as long as demand holds.[8] It will release on Magic Online on June 13, with a booster price of $6.99 (regular booster packs cost $3.99). It will not be featured on MTG Arena.

Prerelease[edit | edit source]

Prerelease takes place on June 8–9, 2019.

Promotional cards[edit | edit source]

Tokens / Emblem[edit | edit source]

The sixteenth card in the boosters is a token creature card or an emblem, with advertisements on the back side:

  1. {W} 4/4 Angel with flying and vigilance for Serra the Benevolent
  2. {U}
  3. {B}
  4. {R}
  5. {G}
  6. {C}
  7. Emblem for Serra the Benevolent

Themes and mechanics[edit | edit source]

Card types[edit | edit source]

Modern Horizons introduces the Serra planeswalker type.

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