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Magic 2013/Intro packs

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Magic 2013 has five bicolored intro packs.[1]

Decklists[edit | edit source]

Path to Victory[edit | edit source]

Path to Victory is a white and blue intro pack.

M13 Path to Victory.jpg

The rares for this deck are Odric, Master Tactician (foil) and Captain of the Watch.

Depths of Power[edit | edit source]

Depths of Power is a blue and red intro pack.

M13 Depths of Power.jpg

The rares for this deck are Talrand, Sky Summoner (foil) and Stormtide Leviathan.

Sole Domination[edit | edit source]

Sole Domination is a white and black intro pack.

M13 Sole Domination.jpg

The rares for this deck are Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis (foil) and Xathrid Gorgon.

Mob Rule[edit | edit source]

Mob Rule is a red and green intro pack.

M13 Mob Rule.jpg

The rares for this deck are Krenko, Mob Boss (foil) and Fervor.

Wild Rush[edit | edit source]

Wild Rush is a black and green intro pack.

M13 Wild Rush.jpg

The rares for this deck are Yeva, Nature's Herald (foil) and Predatory Rampage.

References[edit | edit source]

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