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Gavony's coat of arms

Gavony is the province of Innistrad where the humans remained strong and safe, sheltered behind the high walls of Thraben, the largest city of the plane.


While the surrounding settlements were constantly under assault, Thraben and its immense cathedral remained relatively safe. Small towns grew away from Thraben on Gavony's rocky moors. Small groups of trees stained the hills and moors of the province.

With the disappearance of Avacyn, the geists of the dead rose in bunches to torment the living. As there were more dead buried here than elsewhere, Gavony was full of growing hordes of the undead. Skaab stitchers and deadcallers carry out their wicked trade within the walls of Thraben, while secret cults conspire to serve demonic powers.

Mikaeus, the revered Lunarch, tried to keep the people of Gavony calm, but this was a speck of dust compared with the light of Avacyn. Without the grace and guidance of the archangel, his power waned, and depended too much on the Thraben holy warriors who fought werewolves and vampires with silver and steel. Mikaeus frantically tried to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Avacyn, but darkness fell as time ran out.

The parishes of GavonyEdit

In Innistrad, the church and the state are deeply interdependent, and the parishes are the administrative designation used by the church. A parish is the equivalent of a nowadays country. Each parish may have multiple priests, chapels, and small altars. Gavony has five parishes:

  • Thraben parish.
  • The three parishes in the area called Nearheath:
    • Videns
    • Wittal
    • Effalen
  • The single parish known as the Moorland in the region of the same name. Larger in size than the other four combined.

Secession of HanweirEdit

As told in The Hanweir Chronicle, the village of Hanweir had declared independence of Videns Parish and Gavony and styled itself a new province, before the complete town was mutated by Emrakul into an Eldrazi Ooze.[1]



In-game referencesEdit


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