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The Consulate is the governing body of Ghirapur on Kaladesh.

The Consulate Aether Spire


After the ingenious inventor Avaati Vya developed a process to refine volatile raw aether, the Consulate recognized its potential as a fuel and designed distribution methods to ensure that it was accessible. Their efforts led to a plane-wide inventors' renaissance, a time of hope, optimism, and boundless creativity. [1]

The Consulate has banned fire magic and made pyromancy punishable with a death sentence, since pyromantic magic interacts dangerously with the aether in the air, but some suspect that the Consulate sees independent energy generation as a threat to their power. [2] [3]

However, a faction known as the Renegades believes that the Consulate is corrupt, and is infringing on their freedoms. They refuse to adhere to safety regulations and aether quotas, and they undermine the Consulate's efforts to provide structure and lawfulness.

In reaction to the intrusion of unknown figures wielding magic openly at the conclusion of the Inventor's Fair that saved Renegade Prime from her execution, the Consulate has issued an ordinance to all citizens of Ghirapur. All inventions and artifacts that have not been Consulate-approved or have been modified for personal use are taken into custody, as a safety measure against Renegade factions that would exploit these artifacts. In time, these inventions will be approved, reworked to fit higher safety standards and be released to the public. Renegades believe that the Consulate is trying to consolidate their hold over Kaladesh's technology for their own gain.

Known consuls

There are eleven consuls in total.[4][5]

Among them:



  • Ranaj, chief of the Consulate Enforcers.
  • Captain Baral, Chief of Compliance.

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