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Zendikar block/Preconstructed theme decks

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Preconstructed theme decks

Zendikar block, comprising Zendikar, Worldwake, and Rise of the Eldrazi, has 15 intro packs, each one comes with a 41-card deck and a 15-card random booster pack, three of which are monocolored and 12 are bicolored.

Zendikar[edit | edit source]

Main article: Zendikar/Intro packs
Intro pack name Colors included Foil rare
{W} {U} {B} {R} {G}
Kor Armory W Armament Master
Rise of the Vampires B Malakir Bloodwitch
Unstable Terrain U G Sphinx of Jwar Isle
Pumped Up U R Hellkite Charger
The Adventurers R G Turntimber Ranger

Worldwake[edit | edit source]

Main article: Worldwake/Intro packs
Intro pack name Colors included Foil rare
{W} {U} {B} {R} {G}
Brute Force R G Wolfbriar Elemental
Fangs of the Bloodchief B Butcher of Malakir
Mysterious Realms U G Goliath Sphinx
Rapid Fire W R Mordant Dragon
Flyover W U Archon of Redemption

Rise of the Eldrazi[edit | edit source]

Intro pack name Colors included Foil rare
{W} {U} {B} {R} {G}
Leveler's Glory W U Student of Warfare
Leveler's Scorn U B Sphinx of Magosi
Invading Spawn B R Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief
Eldrazi Arisen R G Conquering Manticore
Totem Power W G Gigantomancer