Zendikar Rising

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Zendikar Rising
Zendikar Rising
ZNR logo.png
Set Information
Set symbol
Symbol description a hedron from above, opened up.
Design Mark Rosewater (lead)
Release date September 25, 2020
Themes and
Set size 280
Expansion code ZNR[1]
Development codename Diving
Non-block expansions
Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Zendikar Rising N/A
Magic: The Gathering chronology
Amonkhet Remastered Zendikar Rising Zendikar Rising Commander Decks
Expansion symbol

Zendikar Rising is the 85th Magic expansion. It will be released on September 25, 2020.[2][3][4]

Set details[edit | edit source]

According to Mark Rosewater "we return to a Zendikar without Eldrazi and revisit the adventure world players fell in love with."[5] It is a "land set" in the sense of the sets of the first Zendikar block. Like all previous Zendikar sets, Zendikar Rising features full-art basic lands.[6] Starting with Zendikar Rising, the mythic rares are changing their rate of drop. In the past, 1 in every 8 rares was a mythic rare. That is changed so that 1 in every 7.4 rares will be a mythic rare.[7]

Zendikar Rising contains 280 cards () and includes randomly inserted premium versions of all cards. A unique Buy-a-Box promotional card is also considered to be part of the set. Cards with an alternate card frames have another card number than the original version. The Showcase cards are connected to TBA. They feature a TBA style. The set features no new planeswalkers. The returning planeswalkers are Jace, Nissa, and Nahiri.[6]

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Zendikar is a dangerous world of lethal risks where brave adventurers delve into ancient ruins in search of priceless rewards. The storyline features no Eldrazi but we will see the ruin they have caused. From the perspective of its inhabitants, it is a hostile place that seems to be actively trying to kill the creatures that have the audacity to live there. The danger is unrelenting: precarious terrain, cunning predators, natural disasters on a massive scale, and the Roil — the unpredictable ripples of change that wash through the land — all present a constant challenge to survival.

The cards that represent the Story Spotlights in Zendikar Rising are:

  • TBA

Marketing[edit | edit source]

Zendikar Rising is sold in regular 16-card Draft Boosters (one card being a marketing card), mono-colored Theme Boosters, Collector Boosters, the Zendikar Rising bundle and two Commander decks. A special Gift Edition of the Bundle will release in November 2020. The Draft Boosters feature artwork from Jace, Nahiri and Nissa. The Theme Boosters feature art from TBA ({W}), TBA ({U}), TBA ({B}), TBA ({R}), and TBA ({G}). The Collector Boosters feature art of Omnath. The Set Boosters feature art from TBA.

Events[edit | edit source]

Set Boosters[edit | edit source]

Set Booster

Zendikar Rising introduces Set Boosters.[7] These are targeted to players that are not interested in Draft or Limited, and sell for a slightly higher price than Draft Boosters. Each a pack comes with fourteen objects, twelve of which are Magic cards. They contain as much fun and exciting cards as possible.

One of the objects in the Set Booster is an Art card.[6] Art cards were last seen with Modern Horizons.

Promotional cards[edit | edit source]

Tokens/emblems/markers[edit | edit source]

The sixteenth card in the Draft Boosters is a token, emblem, or marker with advertisements on the back side.

  • TBA

Themes and mechanics[edit | edit source]

A new mechanic in Zendikar Rising takes a popular theme that players like and twists it in a new way. There are two returning mechanics, both of which have appeared in a Zendikar set before.[6]

Several legendary creatures will return, including one that gets another color.[6]

Cycles[edit | edit source]

Zendikar Rising features a cycle of 6 new dual lands that Mark Rosewater has been trying for a long time to get into a set.[6]

Preconstructed decks[edit | edit source]

Zendikar Rising introduces Commander decks that are released as a regular part of a set's product line.[8]

deck name
Color Identity Commander
{W} {U} {B} {R} {G}

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