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Yasova. Art by Winona Nelson.

Yasova Dragonclaw was a khan in the past of Tarkir. She led the Temur Frontier.

Yasova lived 1,280 years ago. She encountered Sarkhan Vol after his arrival in Tarkir's past.[1][2] Originally, she considered Sarkhan a madman and someone with no shame or respect. This was due to his name 'Sar' meaning Great/High/Sky and used to imply that he claimed himself to be higher than all on Tarkir. She also was disgusted with his subservience and quickness in prostrating himself. Yasova is furious at the constant dragon attacks and suffering of her people and is delighted at the prospect of the dragons becoming extinct with Ugin's death. Sarkhan soon discovered that she was a willing pawn of Nicol Bolas who sent her false visions of Tarkir's dragon-free future where the Temur would be supreme. Bolas ordered her to chart the storms that spawned dragons, track them and leave a trail. He promised her that he would kill Ugin and thereby would ensure the extinction of Tarkir's dragons. With this failing in the new timeline and Ugin surviving, Yasova had no choice but surrender to Atarka, feeding her a mammoth carcass and thus satiating her hunger. Unlike the other khans, which explicitly disbanded their clans, it appears that Yasova retained much of the Temur's identity.[3]

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