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Birthplace Undercity, Ravnica
Lifetime Mending Era
Race Kraul

Xeddick was a small, sickly-looking dead, white kraul from Ravnica, with drooping, useless wings. He was the size of a small pony.[1] Xeddick was a close ally of the Golgari queen Vraska.[2]

Xeddick had been an outcast among his people, for his coloration and his strange abilities, until Vraska had befriended him. Since then, he'd followed her like a puppy. Xeddick was a telepath, a rarity almost unheard of among his race. He had used his abilities to extract all secrets from the former guildmaster Jarad vod Savo's mind. This was a painful process.

Xeddick had noticed that there was a benign mindblock in Vraska's memories (created by Jace Beleren), and hesitantly removed it at her request.[3] He was later killed under as yet unknown circumstances.[4]

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