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Birthplace Unknown
Lifetime Unknown
Race Dryad Planeswalker
Center: {R}{G}

Wrenn is a dryad planeswalker introduced in Modern Horizons. Her homeplane and lifetime are unknown, but it is speculated that she lives in current times.[1]

Appearance and characteristics[edit | edit source]

Wrenn is a white-haired woman who can symbiotically bind with and pilot a treefolk. Her current host is her sixth.[2] Wrenn doesn't name her symbionts, so the current host is simply known as "Six".

Without Wrenn, Six can't planeswalk.[3] Usually living organic material can't be brought along on a planeswalk. In this aspect, Wrenn breaks the rule in a way similar to Yanggu planeswalking with Mowu.

Dryads are typically bound to trees, but it is currently unknown if Wrenn needs to bind the treefolk in order to survive.[4]

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