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1997 World Championship Decks, Seattle

The 1997 World Championship took place on August 13–17, 1997 in Seattle, Washington in the United States of America. Four decks were released as part of the World Championship Decks series with gold-bordered cards.

Decklists[edit | edit source]

Jakub Slemr, World Champion[edit | edit source]

"Slemr's deck features a horde of fast, black creatures. Strengthening the speed kill are a variety of spells from all five colors."

Prismatic Black Agro

Janosch Kuhn, Finalist[edit | edit source]

"Kuhn's red, white, and blue deck maintains a sharp balance between speed and control".

Svend Geertsen, Semifinalist[edit | edit source]

"Geertsen's extremely fast monocolored deck is loaded with an army of green creatures. Giant Growth, Bounty of the Hunt, and Winter Orb provide the only noncreature power."

Green Stompy

Paul McCabe, Semifinalist[edit | edit source]

"McCabe's fast red-blue deck puts the opponent on the defensive. A large number of inexpensive, efficient creatures overwhelm the opposition."

Red-Blue Agro Control