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Wisdom or handsize matters is a non-keyworded mechanic and theme, featured in Saviors of Kamigawa.[1] It's called wisdom, because, creatively speaking, your library and hand symbolize your mind. Similar cards have appeared before and after the set.

The theme is the more cards you have in your hand, the "wiser" you are. Wisdom-cards may work in three different ways:

  1. Get extra abilities if you have seven or more cards in your hand. Examples: Akki Underling, Deathmask Nezumi
  2. Scale effects based on the number of cards in your hand like the legendary Maro cycle in the Saviors set. Examples: Masumaro, First to Live, Soramaro, First to Dream
  3. Improve when you have more cards in your hand than your opponent. Most soratami help enhance this ability by returning land cards to your hand. Examples: Akuta, Born of Ash, Descendant of Kiyomaro

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