Will Kenrith

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Will Kenrith
Will Kenrith.jpeg
Birthplace Eldraine [1]
Lifetime Mending Era
Race Human Planeswalker
Center: {U}

Will Kenrith is a planeswalker who specializes in ice magic. He is the twin brother of Rowan Kenrith.


The young warrior-mage twins, Rowan and Will Kenrith, are unique among planeswalkers in that they share a single planeswalker's spark.[2][3] Rowan, bold and impetuous, augments her swordplay with crackling electrical energy that dances along her blade, while Will, reserved and contemplative, uses his power over ice to control the flow of a fight. His easy acquiescence during his youth made everyone think he was the obedient twin while Rowan was the headstrong, insubordinate one. The misapprehension gave him a lot of space to do what he wanted, which was to seek out secrets he could someday trade to the mirror at Castle Vantress in the hope of winning knighthood there. At Vantress he aspired to study and learn to his heart’s content.

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Together they travel from plane to plane, following the knightly virtues with which they were raised in pursuit of achieving the most good. Like his twin, he is cursed from birth.

Will Kenrith is centered in blue mana.



Will, and his twin Rowan, were born after a witch enthralled their father, and they bear a hex in their bones. They were killed as babies for their blood, which their mother would've drank to extend her life. Their adoptive mother gave up her sword's power to restore life to them, and took them in as her own kids.

The Wildered Quest

The twins quest for their missing father, the High King. Rowan and Will’s powers are strong, but the world of Eldraine is a dangerous place![4]


Will competed with his sister at the stadium of Valor's Reach on Kylem. No one knew where the mysterious pair came from or why they felt the need to test themselves on Valor's Reach. But anyone who faced them in battle realized very quickly their ability to reinforce each other's powers was a force to be reckoned with.[5]

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