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Warlord is a slang term used by Magic R&D to describe creatures the following ability: "This creature's power and toughness is equal to the number of creatures you control."[1]

This ability started in red with Keldon Warlord in Alpha. R&D later moved it into green, as green is the creature color. The ability then got moved into white because white is the army color that likes giving rewards for having lots of little creatures. The ability is still done a little in green, but it's primary in white these days. The ability also dropped from Rare to Common for the vanilla version, though the ability overall tends to be supplemented with another to push it to uncommon.


Color Name
{W} Crusader of Odric
{W} Geist-Honored Monk
{W} Seraph of the Masses
{W} Silverwing Squadron
{W} Westvale Cult Leader
{R} Battle Squadron
{G} Scion of the Wild
{G}{W} Veteran Warleader
{G}{W} Wayfaring Temple
{C} Altar Golem

Voice of Resurgence creates an Elemental token with warlord.


Color Name P/T equal to number of
{W} Benalish Commander Soldiers
{W} Doubtless One Clerics
{W} Kithkin Rabble White permanents
{W} Knight of the Widget Order of the Widget watermarks
{U} Broodstar Artifacts
{U} Chameleon Spirit Permanents of chosen color opponent controls
{U} Faerie Swarm Blue permanents
{U} Ixidron Face-down creatures
{U} Krovikan Mist Illusions
{U} Master of Etherium Artifacts
{U} Nameless One Wizards
{U} Rimefeather Owl Snow permanents
{U} Serpent of the Endless Sea Islands
{U} Tidewalker Islands
{B} Crowd of Cinders Black permanents
{B} Drift of the Dead Snow lands
{B} Korlash, Heir to Blackblade Swamps
{B} Nightmare Swamps
{B} Pack Rat Rats
{B} Souless One Zombies
{B} Squelching Leeches Swamps
{R} Horde of Boggarts Red permanents
{R} Keldon Warlord Non-Wall creatures
{R} Maraxus of Keld Untapped artifacts, creatures, and lands
{U} Reckless One Goblins
{G} Beanstalk Giant Lands
{G} Caller of the Hunt Creatures of the chosen type
{G} Dauntless Dourbark Twice the number of creatures
{G} Drove of Elves Green permanents
{G} Dungrove Elder Forests
{G} Heedless One Elves
{G} Jagged-Scar Archers Elves
{G} Kalonian Twingrove Forests
{G} Kodama of the Center Tree Spirits
{G} Majestic Myriarch Twice the number of creatures
{G} Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer Lands
{G} Uktabi Wildcats Lands
{G} Ulvenwald Hydra Lands
{G}{R} Rubblehulk Lands
{U}{G} Abominable Treefolk Snow permanents
{G}{W} Shanna, Sisay's Legacy Creatures (new, nondefining template)
{W}{U}{B} Dakkon Blackblade Lands
{C} Sculpture Sculptures
{C} Beast of Burden Creatures
{C} Darksteel Juggernaut Artifacts


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