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The War of the Spark is the culmination of the fight between Nicol Bolas and the Gatewatch, that takes place of Ravnica. The event is depicted in the 2019 set with the same name, and fully described in the novel.

Description[edit | edit source]

Dozens of powerful planeswalkers, from many disparate realities, unite against the elder dragon, who has claimed dominion over Ravnica and is perilously close to completing the Elderspell that harvests sparks and will grant him "ultimate power" and godhood. Spark harvesting is lethal.[1] As they fight alongside the Gatewatch — led by Chandra Nalaar, Jace Beleren, and Gideon Jura — against Bolas and his relentless army of Eternals, nothing less than the fate of the multiverse is at stake.[2] Little do the Gatewatch suspect that Bolas has not only accounted for their interference, but he is practically relying on it.[3]

The following events in the War can be distinguished

  • At some point during Ravnica Allegiance, Bolas slays Niv-Mizzet.[4]
  • Many planeswalkers are lured to Ravnica by the interplanar beacon and are trapped by the activation of the Immortal Sun.
  • Jace Beleren loses the power of the Living Guildpact.
  • The Zombie Dreadhorde from Amonkhet invades Ravnica through the Planar Bridge that Tezzeret is operating.
  • The non-corrupted Ravnican guild members ally themselves with each other and the planeswalkers.
  • Gideon rallies the troops, and Nissa animates Vitu-Ghazi.
  • The God-Eternals arrive to aid Bolas' side.[5] Bolas topples the Vitu-Ghazi elemental.
  • Nicol Bolas casts the Elderspell, and the Eternals start to harvest sparks which fly through the air towards Bolas. Domri Rade is the first to die.
  • It is revealed that planeswalkers can travel through the Planar Bridge without danger. Dack Fayden, Ob Nixilis, Karn, and Samut travel to Amonkhet and shut it off.
  • Chandra, Nissa, Saheeli, and Lavinia (plus Lazav) are tasked with shutting off the Immortal Sun.
  • Lazav disguises himself as Chandra in the fight against Dovin Baan Lazav blinds him.
  • Chnadra deactivates the Immortal Sun. Many planeswalkers leave the plane.
  • Jace, Jaya, Vivien, and Teferi try to kill Liliana. She is saved by Bolas.
  • Gideon attacks Bolas using the Blackblade, but his Unlikely Aid Rakdos is knocked out of the air by Bolas, and his pegasus is shot down by Oketra.
  • Dack Fayden's spark is harvested and he dies.
  • Liliana repents. Bolas uses the power of the demons' contract against her.
  • Gideon sacrifices himself to save Liliana from the contract.
  • Niv-Mizzet is revived by Jace, Vraska and Ral Zarek, and absorbs the power of the Guildpact.
  • Liliana commands Oketra and Bontu to attack Bolas.[6] Oketra is obliterated by Bolas.
  • Unexpectedly, Niv-Mizzet impales Nicol Bolas through the back with Hazoret's spear.
  • Bontu bites Bolas on the wrist and harvests all of the sparks that Bolas had consumed, including Bolas's own. Bolas is no longer a planeswalker. Bontu ruptures into shards.
  • The Immortal Sun is reactivated by Saheeli to prevent Bolas from escaping.
  • Bolas is brought to the Meditation Realm by Ugin.
  • Ugin then takes away both of Bolas' names, so that he can't be summoned by another being ever again.
  • Ugin tells his brother that he’ll become his jailer for eternity and expands himself all over the Meditation Realm. They are now both trapped.
  • Kaya officially joins The Gatewatch. Nissa rejoins.
  • Niv-Mizzet tasks Ral Zarek to search for Tezzeret and capture him. Vraska should search for Liliana and kill her and Kaya should search for Dovin Baan and finish him.

Planeswalkers known to be involved[edit | edit source]

Art Planeswalker Origin Race Signature Magic Alliance Roles and Relations Fate
Stained-glass 01.jpg Samut Amonkhet Human Speed The Gatewatch Travels to Amonkhet to help shut off the Planar Bridge.[7] Survived
Stained-glass 02.jpg Nicol Bolas Dominaria Dragon Mind control Nicol Bolas Seeks to regain his pre-Mending god-like power. Lost his spark[6] and trapped in Meditation Realm by Ugin after revival.
Since Ugin permanently removed the realm from the multiverse, Bolas won't be back anymore.
Stained-glass 03.jpg Ashiok Unknown Unknown Bringing nightmares to life
Stained-glass 04.jpg Kasmina Unknown Human Transformation
Stained-glass 05.jpg Domri Rade Ravnica Human Summoning and enhancing beasts Nicol Bolas Recently installed guildmaster of the Gruul Clans.
Intended to fight in the End-Raze.
Betrayed by Nicol Bolas and became the first planeswalker to have his spark harvested and have died.
Spark harvested.
Stained-glass 06.jpg Teyo Verada Gobakhan Human Protective magic
Stained-glass 07.jpg Ral Zarek Ravnica Human Electricity The Gatewatch
(formerly Nicol Bolas)
Guildmaster of the Izzet League.
Creator of Project Lightning Bug.
Survived and Niv-Mizzet tasks him to capture Tezzeret.
Stained-glass 08.jpg Tamiyo Kamigawa Moonfolk Story magic (formerly None[8]) Former ally of the Gatewatch.
Stained-glass 09.jpg Karn Dominaria Golem Artifice The Gatewatch Travels to Amonkhet to help shut off the Planar Bridge.[7] Survived
Stained-glass 10.jpg Jaya Ballard Dominaria Human Pyromancy (fire magic) The Gatewatch Helps in the attack against Liliana. Survived
Stained-glass 11.jpg Tibalt Innistrad Half-Devil Pain magic Survived; went on to torment Chandra.
Stained-glass 12.jpg The Wanderer Unknown Human Energy absorption and channeling
Stained-glass 13.jpg Kiora Zendikar Merfolk Summoning sea creatures The Gatewatch Previously allied with the Gatewatch. Once again recruited by Ajani.[7]
Stained-glass 14.jpg Sorin Markov Innistrad Vampire Sangromancy (blood magic) None[9] Used the conflict to avenge himself on Nahiri.
Stained-glass 15.jpg Teferi Dominaria Human Chronomancy (time magic) The Gatewatch Helps in the attack against Liliana. Survived
Stained-glass 16.jpg Angrath Unknown Minotaur Chains and heat Angered at being trapped again. Fiercely attacks the Dreadhorde. Survived
Stained-glass 17.jpg Dovin Baan Kaladesh Vedalken Artifice Nicol Bolas Recently installed guildmaster of the Azorius Senate. Burned by Chandra, blinded by Lazav, and fled.
Stained-glass 18.jpg Ajani Goldmane Alara (Naya) Leonin Auramancy (healing and strengthening) The Gatewatch Survived
Stained-glass 19.jpg Arlinn Kord Innistrad Werewolf Control over wolf, lycanthropy
Stained-glass 20.jpg Ob Nixilis Unknown Demon Demonology (demon magic) None[10] In his own interest agrees to travel to Amonkhet to shut off the Planar Bridge.[7] Survived
Stained-glass 21.jpg Jiang Yanggu Plane of Mountains and Seas Human Summoning and strengthening creatures of the forest
Stained-glass 22.jpg Huatli Ixalan Human Dinosaurs, poetry, sun magic.
Stained-glass 23.jpg Sarkhan Vol Tarkir Human Summoning and controlling dragons Ugin Former minion of Nicol Bolas. Seeks revenge for the ruining of his plane and his mind.
Stained-glass 24.jpg Saheeli Rai Kaladesh Human Artifice The Gatewatch Helps shutting down the Immortal Sun.[7]
Stained-glass 25.jpg Narset Tarkir Human Martial arts Ugin
Stained-glass 26.jpg Nahiri Zendikar Kor Lithomancy (stone magic) None[9] Used the conflict to battle Sorin instead.
Stained-glass 27.jpg Ugin Dominaria Dragon Ghostfire (colorless magic) and transforming energy into matter Ugin Scheming to stop his brother's plans. Trapped himself in the Meditation Realm as his brother's incarcerator.
Since Ugin permanently removed the realm from the multiverse, Ugin won't be back anymore.
Stained-glass 28.jpg Davriel Cane Unknown Human Shadow magic, demonolatry, power-stealing.
Stained-glass 29.jpg Vraska Ravnica Gorgon Stoneglare and assassination The Gatewatch
(formerly Nicol Bolas)
Guildmaster of the Golgari Swarm.
Sleeper agent of the Gatewatch against Nicol Bolas.
Survived and Niv-Mizzet tasks her to kill Liliana.
Stained-glass 30.jpg Kaya Unknown Human Ghost assassination and ethereal form The Gatewatch
(formerly Nicol Bolas)
Recently installed as guildmaster of the Orzhov Syndicate.
Betrayed by Nicol Bolas.
Joined the Gatewatch.[11]
Survived and Niv-Mizzet tasks her to finish Dovin Baan.
Stained-glass 31.jpg Jace Beleren Vryn Human Telepathy (mind magic) The Gatewatch Attacks Liliana. Survived. Lost the power of the Living Guildpact.
Stained-glass 32.jpg Gideon Jura Theros Human Hieromancy (law magic) The Gatewatch Prophesied to use the Blackblade on Bolas. Sacrificed himself to save Liliana from the contract.
Stained-glass 33.jpg Liliana Vess Dominaria Human Necromancy (death magic) The Gatewatch
(formerly Nicol Bolas, unwilling)
Former member of the Gatewatch.
General of the Dreadhorde.
Betrayed Nicol Bolas at the risk of her life, but saved by Gideon's sacrifice.
Survived and harvested Nicol Bolas's spark and fled.
Stained-glass 34.jpg Nissa Revane Zendikar Elf Elementalism The Gatewatch Former member of the Gatewatch.
Stained-glass 35.jpg Chandra Nalaar Kaladesh Human Pyromancy (fire magic) The Gatewatch Defeats Dovin Baan, threatened to kill Liliana. Survived. Struggles with guilt and pain.
Stained-glass 36.jpg Vivien Reid Skalla Human Animism (spirit magic) The Gatewatch Helps in the attack against Liliana. Survived.
Tezzeret Alara (Esper) Human Artifice Nicol Bolas Principal henchman of Bolas. Operates the Planar Bridge from Amonkhet.[7] Survived. Hunted by Ral Zarek.
Dack Fayden Fiora Human Psychometry (absorbing knowledge by touch) The Gatewatch Travels to Amonkhet and destroys the Planar Bridge. Spark harvested.
Mu Yanling Plane of Mountains and Seas Human Hydromancy (water magic) Seen fighting alongside Jiang Yanggu.[7]

Without a card[edit | edit source]

There are 36 carded planeswalkers in War of the Spark. These have a stained glass picture in the list above. In addition Tezzeret shows up as the Buy-a-Box promo card of the expansion.

Other planeswalkers like Dack Fayden show up in the story, but aren't featured on a planeswalker card.

Other planeswalkers[edit | edit source]

Aside from the named planeswalkers above, there are multiple unknown planeswalkers that come to Ravnica that we'll never see or are never named (e.g. The Elderspell, Spark Reaper).[12] This accounts for many of the harvested planeswalker sparks flying through the air.[13]

On the other hand, there are some known living planeswalkers that don't show up on Ravnica: Garruk, Estrid, Aminatou, Will Kenrith, Rowan Kenrith, Daretti, and Koth. The absence of Garruk is explained to be because his hunter personality didn't fit story wise and because R&D had other plans for him.[14] Koth is considered to be tied up on New Phyrexia.[15]

Other main participants[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]