Vona of Iedo

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Vona of Iedo
Race Vampire
Birthplace Ixalan
Lifetime After the Mending

Vona of Iedo, also known as the Butcher of Magan, is an infamous vampire conquistador of the Legion of Dusk and a noble of Torrezon on Ixalan.

Vona earned her moniker during the Apostasine War, where she breached a walled village and killed a dozen enemy officers.

Later, she sought Elenda, the first vampire, to aid in the struggle against the Legion of Dusk's rivals in Ixalan.[1][2] In the race for Orazca and the Immortal Sun, she managed to steal the Thaumatic Compass from Vraska, but was unaware that Jace Beleren was able to follow her mental footsteps.[3] Huatli and Tishana found her first and retrieved the compass, leaving the vampire surrounded with ferocious dinosaurs.

Joining up with Mavren Fein, she managed to reach Orazca, and threw Kumena out of the window of the Tower of Triumph.[4] After the vampires, came Huatli and her Sun Empire compatriots, Angrath and his pirate crew, and the unlikely couple of Vraska and Jace. While the four factions struggled to claim the sun's power for themselves, the artifact was stolen by Tezzeret and removed from the plane.[5]

After the Immortal Sun was stolen off the plane, Saint Elenda reappeared, and told her followers that they were finally free from their ancient duty. An angry and confused Vona asked her why she had left them and denied them immortality. Elenda answered that immortality was not the purpose of her gift, but protection. Deference to forces greater than themselves and humility would lead them to salvation, not the Immortal Sun. She told them that she had found the sun, and decided to become its sentinel within the Golden City while awaiting the arrival of other members of her order. She asked to be brought to Queen Miralda. Vona denied her, but Mavren Fein punished Vona for speaking ill of the living saint. After reprimanding Vona, the three left and the Legion left the continent of Ixalan.[6]

An apocryphal story says that Vona never returned to Torrezon but tried to claim Orazca for her own. This supposedly ended with her death in the teeth of a dinosaur.[7]

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