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The Voda Sea is the name of two locations on Dominaria, connected to the Vodalian merfolk empire.

At Sarpadia[edit | edit source]

The Voda Sea originally surrounded the isolated continent of Sarpadia where the original empire was located. Ruled by a militant, magic-wielding upper class, much of the history of Vodalian merfolk is unknown.[1] Many temples to Svyelun, goddess of the Pearl Moon, dotted the ocean floor.[2] The Vodalian emperor died under unknown circumstances, leaving Empress Galina III as the ruler.[3] When the homarids invaded their territory, Marshall Karel Volnikov led the Vodalian army against them. The merfolk initially succeeded, but were later overwhelmed by the homarids' capacity to breed and flourish in the cooling waters.[4] Without medical supplies and no stored food source, Vodalia was abandoned, and many of its subjects followed Empress Galina III to Etlan Shiis.

At the Domains[edit | edit source]

The name of the Voda Sea shifted together with the empire, and is now used for the sea in the Domains that lies east of Aerona and Shanodin and west of the Burning Isles.[5][6] As such, it is the crossroads for the greatest civilizations of Dominaria. The northern extent of the Voda Sea is Stahaan.[7] In the south it reaches to Ru-Nora and Sardnia, before changing into the Kukemssa Sea.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name comes from the word "voda", originating in various Slavic languages, that means "water" in English.
  • The Voda Sea shares its name with Slinn Voda, a massive leviathan, whom the merfolk appeased soon after their arrival in New Vodalia.[8] It bears a city on its back, and will rise to meet any true threat to the Vodalian Empire.

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