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Pierakor az Vinrenn D'rav
Birthplace Ravnica
Lifetime unknown
Race Angel
Ravnica Cycle

Pierakor az Vinrenn D'rav, better known as Feather, was a Boros Firemane angel, who spent much time as Agrus Kos's partner. She was placed in the League of Wojek for undisclosed reasons, and her wings were bound until her service with the Wojeks was considered appeased. After the events of the decamillenia, Kos freed her wings and she vanished, looking for the missing Parhelion.

She reappeared when she sensed Kos's death. She was chosen as one of his pallbearers, but vanished again shortly after. Her whereabouts during all those years were finally explained when she came to submit herself for arrest, when it was revealed that she is the last surviving of the Boros angels, the rest having been killed by Szadek's ghost army. After the dissolution of the guildpact, she was named as the Boros Guildmaster.

Even before becoming the Guildmaster, she possessed a small personal fortune due to Pivlic's excellent management of her salary as a wojek (she never spent it, since she doesn't have expenses).

Unrest in the Boros[edit | edit source]

Her tenure as Guildmaster was challenged by Aurelia, who believed that no angel who had been disgraced had a right to rule. She garnered much support in her crusade and Feather was imprisoned until her final fate could be decided. Feather was freed, however, during a secretive raid performed by Krenko.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The name Pierakor was inspired by Slovak word "pierko", meaning "feather".

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