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Beasts of Bogardan. Art by Daniel Gelon.

Beast is a catch-all creature type used for large, monstrous, animal-like creatures.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The first creature to bear the type was Beasts of Bogardan in Legends (though the Clockwork Beast from Alpha and Guardian Beast from Arabian Nights were later issued errata to become beasts), but it wasn't until Tempest that the "beast" subtype attained widespread usage. Later, in the Odyssey and Onslaught blocks, "beast" became a common "tribe" with considerable inter-card support.

Grand Creature Type Update[edit | edit source]

In the Grand Creature Type Update the creature types Carnivore (Tooth and Claw), Lurker (Lurker), Villain (Spinal Villain) and Frostbeast (Kjeldoran Frostbeast) were changed into Beast. On the other hand Glowing Anemone was changed from Beast to Anemone, while later reverting to Beast and gaining the added Jellyfish type. Warthog shortly was a Beast (Warthog) before being turned into a Boar.

Specific types of Beasts[edit | edit source]

Type Example Native in Description Storyline
Anurids Anurid Barkripper Dominaria (Otaria) Amphibious, frog-like creatures. Appear to be water-dwelling.
Baloths Obstinate Baloth Dominaria
Lizard-like creatures, often with horns protruding from their heads and backs.
Most have sharp claws and daggerlike teeth.[2]
However, some forms native to Zendikar resemble rhinoceroses or Stegosauruses with hooves.
Favored by Garruk
Batterhorns Batterhorn Ravnica Giant horned predators. Very destructive creatures when they enter densely inhabited areas.
Beasts of Bogardan Beasts of Bogardan Dominaria (Bogardan) Fiery dog-like creatures. Some were summoned by Johan to fight Jedit Ojanen in Palmyra.
Binoxes Charging Binox Kylem Two-headed horned predators, bred for flashiness and foul temper Used in the arena of Valor's Reach.
Catoblepas Loathsome Catoblepas Theros It has the body of an ox, the head of a boar, and scales on its back.[3]
Cerodons Bull Cerodon Dominaria (Otaria)


Massive horned creatures that move suprisingly silently, but also can produce terrifying screams.[4]
Craghorns Battering Craghorn Alara (Naya)
Giant goat-like creatures with large horns.
Darba Darba Dominaria (Jamuraa) Enormous bird beasts, that are relatives of the parea.
They can grow upwards of twenty-five feet and are capable of picking up oxen in their beaks.
They would attack even well-armed Keldon encampments in search of food.
Fangren Fangren Pathcutter Mirrodin Humanoid creatures, propelling themselves on two legs while their frontal extremities bear sharp claws.
They have antelope-like heads and horns but maws with dagger-like teeth.
Big ones hunt the elves, so the elves hunt the small ones to keep them from getting big.
Ferox Nullhide Ferox Ravnica Large hairy predators. All fangs, tusks and claws.
Firebeasts Goretusk Firebeast Dominaria (Otaria) Fiery elemental creatures, resembling oxen or boars. As a youth, Kamahl took one for a pet.
Gargadons Lesser Gargadon Dominaria Enormous elephant-like beasts with horns. Used as war-beasts in Keld.
Gnarr Glade Gnarr Dominaria Akin to a mix between a raptor and an antelope. Long thought merely a Dominarian legend.
Gnarlid Gnarlid Pack Zendikar Wolverine -like beast with horns.
Gournas Needleshot Gourna Dominaria (Otaria) Treeclimbing scaled anteaters from Krosa.
Guardian Beast Guardian Beast Rabiah A powerful multilimbed, shadowy creature Found in the workshop of El Hajjaj, guarding the City in a Bottle.
It was fought off by the Dervish Taysir.
Hystrodons Macetail Hystrodon Dominaria (Otaria) Ankylosaur-like beasts.
Indriks Indrik Stomphowler Ravnica Massive beasts similar to prehistoric indricotheres.
Possibly named after the slavic mythological creature that named that group as well.[5]
Jiaos Leopard-Spotted Jiao Plane of Mountains and Seas This strange beast has the hide of a leopard, the howl of a dog, and the horns of an ox.
Kronch Raging Kronch Ravnica Snorting and drooling beasts with many tusks and horns, employed by the Gruul.
Krovods Bazaar Krovod Ravnica Large horned ox-like creatures. Often used as beasts of burden.
Krushoks Feral Krushok Tarkir Large, rhino-like beasts.
Laccoliths Laccolith Warrior Rath Large stone humanoids. Employed by Volrath.
Leucrocota Ravenous Leucrocota Theros Reptilian horse-lions.
Lorians Treespring Lorian Dominaria (Otaria) Ferocious sloth-like beasts living in the treetops of Krosa.
Manglehorns Manglehorn Amonkhet The name says it all.
Monox Dominaria A large mount used by Jedit Ojanen. An ungainly brute half the size of an elephant with the ugliest features of camel and horse.[6][7]
Nodorogs Gruul Nodorog Ravnica Lean predators with three horns and large claws.
Primadoxes Roaring Primadox Shandalar Bipedal ape-like monsters with large fangs.
Rigida Dominaria (Terisiare) Ice Beasts. They overran the state of Almaaz immediately after the Brothers' War.
Shaleskins Shaleskin Plower Dominaria (Otaria) Enormous reptiles with stone-like skins.
Si Earthshaking Si Plane of Mountains and Seas Maned pedatores with one long horn on their noses.
Slaughterhorns Slaughterhorn Ravnica Unpredictable ox-like creature with multiple horns.[8] Associated with the Gruul.
Snidds Sea Snidd Rath
Land-transforming eel-like creatures with limbs.
Thoctars Wooly Thoctar Alara Some of the most ferocious and deadly gargantuans from Naya.
Thragtusks Thragtusk Shandalar Longhaired, fanged, aurochs-like beasts.
Tyrranaxes Alpha Tyrranax Mirrodin. Large, metal-enhanced reptiles.[9]
Vizzerdrixes Vizzerdrix Dominaria Vicious rabbit-beasts
Vorracs Copperhoof Vorrac Mirrodin. Metal-enhanced beasts, similar to giant warthogs.[10] Source of the famous Vorrac Battlehorns[11]
Wumpuses Hunted Wumpus Dominaria (Shiv)
They are elephant-like but with a woolly head and gigantic teeth, and without a trunk.
Their hooves may have claws.
Zheng Ferocious Zheng Plane of Mountains and Seas Known for their glowing horn and stone-rattling roar.
These cat beasts are the fiercest predators in the forest.

Beast tokens[edit | edit source]

Token Color Type P/T Additional Rules Source Printings
Beast Black Creature — Beast 3/3 Deathtouch
Green Creature — Beast 2/2
Green Creature — Beast 4/2
Green Creature — Beast 3/3
Green Creature — Beast 4/4
Green Creature — Beast 5/5
Green Creature — Beast 5/5 Trample
Red/Green Creature — Beast 4/4 Trample
Red/Green/White Creature — Beast 8/8
Colorless Artifact Creature — Beast 6/6
named Carnivore
Red Creature — Beast 3/1
named Caller of the Pack
White Creature — Beast 8/6 Trample

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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