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A Verduran enchantress. Art by Rob Alexander.

Verdura is a large beautiful island in the southern Domains of Dominaria, covered with lush primeval forests and expansive woodlands.[1][2][3] It lies at the southern tip of Aerona, just south of Barbar.

The inhabitants of Verdura, mostly female, originated from all over Dominaria. The Verduran Enchantresses, competent spellcasters who specialize in harnessing the energies of enchantment and transformation, live in small inland villages. They have devoted their lives to the avatar of Verdura, a female entity of great power whose true name is known only to those sworn to the Verduran Order.[4] They are sometimes hired as mercenaries, but their services come at a high price, and are usually paid in land and holdings. Males and those who seek plunder and violence are treated with no respect. The Verduran males live in trading villages at the northern coast and are forbidden to travel inland upon threat of death.

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