Vaevictus Asmodi

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Vaevictus Asmodi
Vaevictus Asmodi
Birthplace unknown
Lifetime -25,000-death unknown.
Race Elder Dragon

Vaevictus Asmodi/Vaevictis Asmadi was one of the five Elder Dragons of Dominaria, the cousin of Palladia-Mors, Chromium Rhuell, Nicol Bolas and Arcades Sabboth. He was transformed into a dragon whelp by the planeswalker Faralyn. Vaevictus pretended to be under Red Donald’s control, but actually manipulated him to begin digging in Mors Ridge and undo the trickery that held Palladia-Mors. When she was released, Vaevictus convinced her to return him to his previous state as an elder dragon after retrieving a black mana battery for her. He then fought Chromium, but understood that Palladia-Mors wanted to weaken him so she could easily kill him later. He attacked Palladia-Mors, but she reversed one of his spells, and he disappeared from the battle. It is possible that Vaevictus survived the duel, but there is no conclusive evidence, which may mean his cousin killed him in their duel. It is very likely he died as a result of the fight, as Bolas has stated that none of his peers still exist.