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Utility taplands are taplands that provide a utility effect instead of the producing multiple colors.

Cycling lands[edit | edit source]

Main article: Cycling lands

Taplands that have the cycling mechanic, thus they are utility lands.

Future Sight[edit | edit source]

This uncommon cycle of utility taplands from Future Sight features different keywords or ability words. Thematically, all are located in Dominaria:

Hideaway lands[edit | edit source]

This rare cycle of utility taplands from Lorwyn that feature the hideaway mechanic.

Shadowmoor cycle[edit | edit source]

Shadowmoor introduced an uncommon cycle of utility taplands with basic land types. Each land has an activated ability with an activation cost of M, where M is the associated color.

Zendikar cycles[edit | edit source]

Zendikar added two cycles of utility taplands, named after locations on Zendikar.

Common cycle[edit | edit source]

Rare cycle[edit | edit source]

Worldwake cycle[edit | edit source]

Shortly after, Worldwake added another common cycle of utility taplands, which continues the theme of Zendikar possessing a unique brand of mana.

Battle for Zendikar cycle[edit | edit source]

Later, Battle for Zendikar added another common cycle of utility taplands.

Memorials[edit | edit source]

In Dominaria a cycle with a common naming pattern was added each depicting characters from Dominaria's past.[1]

Castles[edit | edit source]

Throne of Eldraine introduced a cycle of five rare lands that enter tapped unless the player controls a land of that basic land type, depicting the five courts of the Realm, each with an activated ability.

References[edit | edit source]

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