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While there are cards that don't follow WUBRG order, that is the standard order for all cards and inconsistency should be down purposely with reason and not randomly for no reason. Clan cards do this because rather than being an equal focus on three colors, Jeskai is focused on blue. This is why cards like Jeskai Ascendancy do not follow WUBRG order. There is no reason to revert changes made to pages theme decks to have the colors changed into the proper order.

Consistency is important. Pages shouldn't in one breath talk about this deck being red/white/blue instead of white/blue/red unless there is a specific reason for it-- like the Theme deck specifically mentioning that it is a "Jeskai" deck. As I mentioned in some of my edits examples product blurbs are fine because that's how they were written. Just like how if WotC says a deck is a "lands matter" deck but it isn't very "lands matter-y" the page for it wouldn't have a "correct" quote.

I would like a better justification for cards being _explicitly_ reversed away from WUBRG order than "Hey, sometimes cards don't follow that order so... let me make it not follow that order again". If it have to follow that order, then it's an innocuous edit at worst, and a consistency one at best.

Thank you for taking the time to read this comment.

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I absolutely agree that consistency is of most importance, but we also have to reflect Wizards decisions how they order things to a certain degree. With the Oracle Update to Dominaria Wizards standardized the order of Arcs and Wedges to follow the Tarkir order. This is why Jodah, Archmage Eternal has the Jeskai order in the mana cost. You can see that all previous cards with blue/red/white mana cost received an update on Oracle. Therefore at least in my opinion the Jeskai order should be used consistently across the wiki, except for the cases, were you directly quote something in which case a [ sic ] might be in order.

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Hi can you take a Look at Gate#Description? it need to be updated now there is a Gate outside of Guildgates

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I can take a look at it. I mean the gateway plaza is just the place where all the gates are located.

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