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Before the dawn of Salvation, I was hunting rumors.

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Hi I was trying to create a new wiki page for a new mtg format (see here ) but it wont let me. I get an error message "large spam pages.... please contact an administrator" Can you remove this restriction from my account?

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I can't. That is a setting for new users. Try to create the page first without external links, and add the references later.

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Thanks for the help that worked!

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I know it is a touchy subject, but I honestly thought that Cardbreaker-gpuser‎ had a good argument to remove the reference.

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There is a reason those cards were banned. This is a wiki that offers explanation. The explanation we gave was removed, without consultation. The least we can do is link to another site that gives the explanation we fail to give ourselves. And those reasons are common knowledge and accepted.

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The problem is that the reasons are guess work and the source is indeed not authoritative.

Wizards gave no other explanation beyond the fact that these cards are racist and culturally offensive.

I don't think we fail to give an explanation, Wizard failed to give an explanation. And because it is a touchy subject I would like to leave the interpretation to an authoritative source.

The fact that this was removed is in my view evidence enough that this is not common knowledge and accepted, I think it is the best guess work. But I don't think it is up to us to lay out what what is clearly Wizards responsibility to do so.

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And please do not get me wrong, I actually think that HotC is probably right. But we never received an actual statement from Wizards that these were indeed the reasons.

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