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This page lists all planeswalkers that have received cards, and their current colors.

A number of these planeswalkers have undergone color shifts, and in some cases planeswalkers have received cards that didn't exactly correspond to their current colors. Core Set 2019's planeswalker cards depicted past versions of their characters, and War of the Spark trimmed some colors in order to make the set's structure work.

Planeswalker Colors Notes
Ajani Goldmane {G}{W} Formerly {R}{W}, then {W}.

Received a {W} card in Core Set 2019.

Aminatou {W}{U}{B}
Angrath {B}{R}
Arlinn Kord {R}{G} Received a {G} card in War of the Spark.
Ashiok {U}{B}
Chandra Nalaar {R}
Dack Fayden {U}{R}
Daretti {B}{R} Formerly {R}.
Davriel Cane {U}{B} [1] Received a {B} card in War of the Spark.
Domri Rade {R}{G}
Dovin Baan {W}{U}
Elspeth Tirel {W}
Estrid {G}{W}{U}
Freyalise {G} Known to have used red mana.
Garruk Wildspeaker {B}{G} Formerly {G}.
Gideon Jura {W}
Huatli {G}{W} Formerly {R}{W}.
Jace Beleren {U}
Jaya Ballard {R}
Jiang Yanggu {G}
Karn {C}
Kasmina {U}
Kaya {W}{B}
Kiora {G}{U}
Koth {R}
Liliana Vess {B}
Mu Yanling {U}
Nahiri {R}{W} Formerly {W}.
Narset {W}{U} Received a {U} card in War of the Spark.
Nicol Bolas {U}{B}{R}
Nissa Revane {G} Received a {G}{U} card in Amonkhet; this identity may or may not be current.
Ob Nixilis {B}
Ral Zarek {U}{R}
Rowan Kenrith {R}
Saheeli Rai {U}{R}
Samut {R}{G}
Sarkhan Vol {G}{U}{R} Formerly {R}{G}, then {B}{R}, then {R}.

Received {R} cards in Core Set 2019 and War of the Spark.

Serra {W}
Sorin Markov {W}{B} Formerly {B}.
Tamiyo {G}{W}{U} Formerly {U}.

Received a {G}{U} card in War of the Spark.

Teferi {W}{U} Formerly {U}.
Teyo Verada {W}
Tezzeret {U}{B} Formerly {U}.

Received a {U} card in Core Set 2019.

The Wanderer {W}
Tibalt {R}
Ugin {C}
Urza {W}{U}{B}{R}{G} Received only a silver-bordered card in Unstable.
Venser {W}{U} Formerly {U}.
Vivien Reid {G}
Vraska {B}{G} Received a {B} card in a Rivals of Ixalan planeswalker deck.
Will Kenrith {U}
Windgrace {B}{R}{G}
Xenagos {R}{G}