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Upper Videnth is a large peninsula jutting southward from Dominaria's arctic northern supercontinent that is sometimes is referred to as the Ancient Northland. In early Modern Times it was a wild, barbaric land dominated by mountains and vast pine forests. The name comes from long-dead civilization living on the island of Videnth who colonized this land.

Upper Videnth's close proximity to Terisiare is what allowed glaciers to overrun most of the continent during the Ice Age. The region is home to numerous lycanthropes, especially werewolves. A thriving colony of lhurgoyfs exists in this land, which may be in competition with the werewolves. Some of these creatures, well-adapted to snow and harsh winters, yetis among them, migrated across the expanding ice shelves to Terisiare during the Ice Age.

Upper Videnth has a sparse human population, including a small town called Skerry. After contact with their homeland was cut off, these descendants of Videnth's colonizers eventually forgot why their land was called Upper Videnth.

In Modern Times, the whole region is known as Greater Videnth.[1]

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