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Set Information
Set symbol
Design Mark Rosewater (lead)[1]
Gavin Verhey[2]
Release date February 29, 2020
Plane Various[3]
Set size Five 30-card decks
Unstable Unsanctioned N/A
Magic: The Gathering chronology
Secret Lair Drop Series: Year of the Rat Unsanctioned Challenger Decks 2020

Unsanctioned is a silver-bordered box set, marketed as a ready-to-play "Un-set" experience. It will be released on Leap Day, February 29, 2020. The set combines reprints from previous Un-sets with sixteen new Un-cards.[4] It will have a “wrestling match kind of flavor.”[2]

The set consists of five 30-card, preconstructed mono-colored decks, each designed to synergize with one another in unique and surprising ways. Each player combines two decks into one 60-card deck and faces off against another combined deck for some wacky gameplay that stretches the limits of what Magic cards can do.[5] The new cards (3 in each deck, and 1 appearing in all decks) were designed very much with Commander and Cube in mind.[6] Some of the reprints feature new artwork. Like the other Un-sets before, Unsanctioned features some very pretty basic lands.[7]

Unsanctioned will be available worldwide in English.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Unsanctioned box.png

References[edit | edit source]

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