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Unholy Strength is a black enchantment card initially printed in Alpha. Its original artwork has drawn moral and religious criticism[1] to the card and Magic: The Gathering as a whole.

Criticism[edit | edit source]

A comparison of the Alpha version to the edited 4th edition.

The original art in Unholy Strength featured a pentagram, considered to be a symbol for the occult and suggestive of demonic themes, and, as of 4th Edition and subsequent reprinted versions, it had been removed. It was the result of pressure from various groups against the demonic and satanic themes[2][3] and Christian groups started to complain about how Magic: The Gathering was introducing young defenceless minds to the influence of the devil; such groups caused enough of a stir that Wizards of the Coast also stopped producing creatures of the subtype "Demon" for several years.

Unholy Strength is by no means the only card in Magic where the art has been changed due to public outcry; other cards, including Crusade, have been given alternate art due to public outcry.

References[edit | edit source]

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