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Silver-bordered cards are not tournament-legal and are not covered by the comprehensive rules.


Usually silver-bordered cards are printed in Un-sets (Unglued, Unhinged, and Unstable). However certain promos like the Holiday cards and the HASCON promos also use a silver border.


They feature mechanics that would be impossible to print in a normal expansion.[1]


From the glossary of the Comprehensive Rules (August 23, 2019—Commander 2019)

Cards in certain sets and certain promotional cards are printed with a silver border. Silver-bordered cards are intended for casual play and may have features and text that aren’t covered by these rules.


Token Color Type P/T Additional Rules Source Printings
Ape Green Creature — Ape 1/1
Green Creature — Ape 3/3
named Storm Crow
Blue Creature — Bird 1/2 Flying
Brainiac Red Creature — Brainiac 1/1
Chicken Red Creature — Chicken 4/4
Construct Colorless Creature — Construct */*
Dragon Gold Creature — Dragon 4/4 Flying
Expansion-Symbol Colorless Creature — Expansion-Symbol 1/1
Faerie Spy Blue Creature — Faerie Spy 2/2 Flying, haste
Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, draw a card.
Giant Teddy Bear Pink Creature — Giant Teddy Bear 5/5
Gnome Colorless Creature — Gnome 1/1
Goat White Creature — Goat 0/1
Goblin Red Creature — Goblin 1/1
Homunculus Colorless Creature — Homunculus 2/2
Rogue Black Creature — Rogue 2/2 Menace
Sheep Green Creature — Sheep 2/2
Squirrel Green Creature — Squirrel 1/1


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