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Transformation is a slang term used by Magic R&D to describe the following effect: "Target creature becomes a (color) (card type) with N power and N toughness."[1] This mechanic is primary in blue

Transformation can be temporary, through a one-shot spell that lasts for the turn, or more permanent, usually through an Aura. It overwrites the base power and toughness of the creature. This ability used to be in both blue and white, but R&D decided to focus it in blue.[1]

Examples[edit | edit source]

Color Name Type To Color Type Notes
{W} Darksteel Mutation Aura 0/1 Insect Artifact Creature with Indestructible
{W} Humble Instant 0/1
{W} Humility Enchantment 1/1
{U} Dance of the Skywise Instant 4/4 {U} Dragon Illusion with Flying
{U} Deep Freeze Aura 0/4 {U} Wall with Defender
{U} Gift of Tusks Instant 3/3 {G} Elephant
{U} Polymorphist's Jest Instant 1/1 {U} Frog
{U} Turn//Burn Instant 0/1 {R} Weird
{U} Turn to Frog Instant 1/1 {U} Frog
{U} Vedalken Humiliator Creature 1/1
{U} Warkite Marauder Creature 0/1
{G} Lignify Tribal Aura 0/4 Treefolk
{U}{R} Dragonshift Instant 4/4 {U}{R} Dragon with Flying
{G}{U} Omnibian Creature 3/3 Frog
{G}{U} Snakeform Instant 1/1 {G} Snake

References[edit | edit source]

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