Torsten Von Ursus

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Torsten Von Ursus. Art by Mark Poole.

Torsten Von Ursus was a legendary Human Soldier who guided the ancestors of Benalia out of the ruins of the once-great Sheoltun Empire.

Originally a member of the legendary Knights of Jenges, Torsten Von Ursus came from the country of Wrenna. After a terrible mage claimed the throne of Wrenna he left the order and traveled southwest. He spent sometime at the base of the Hurloon Mountains, and actually entered the dread land of the minotaurs to study minotaur philosophy for several years, finding out that the minotaurs were more than savage beasts.

After that, he traveled onward and stumbled on the blighted city of Benfosa which was a perfect place to implement his gathered wisdom and philosophies. Determined to change Benfosa into his vision of a proper nation, Torsten let nothing stand in his way- including the rather reluctant citizens of the newly renamed Benalia.

Torsten chose the name Benalia, which means aspiration, proclaiming its intent to reach greatness to the world. Using sometimes-brutal tactics, he brought an entire nation into being using nothing than the force of his will and the brutal charisma of the natural leader. After succeeding in much of his goal, he died at the age of seventy-two, leaving behind the legendary Lost Edict, which consigned Benalia to the alternating care of his seven lieutenants and their families, from which the seven Benalish clans would spring.[1]

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