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Topa is one of the Inner Three nations of Bant on Alara.[1]

The open savannah of Topa is spotted with towns that surround the precious watering holes and great cloister forts built near important religious locations. Most wild leotau live in Topa, and their knight-paragons are famed for their skill with these feline mounts. The leotau often attack Valeron's horse herds so relations are never better than strained cordiality. Topa is famous for its caravans, huge trains that carry goods, travelers, and entertainers from watering hole to watering hole.

Topans are master merchants, and compared to other nations they have a particularly large Mortar population, filled with scribes and accountants, merchants and traders. The small Blessed caste that rules Topa looks to both successful Mortars and visionary Sighted for guidance, and both castes have high level representatives on government advisory councils. Monks from Topa wander all of Bant, encouraging the Unbeholden to find their place in society through honorable combat.

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