Tomik Vrona

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Tomik Vrona
Birthplace Ravnica
Lifetime Mending Era
Race Human

Tomik Vrona is a security mage from Ravnica. He is part of the Orzhov Syndicate, and the former apprentice of Teysa Karlov.


Tomik is a handsome young man with brown hair. He wears glasses. Tomik specializes in contracts, verbal agreements, and barriers protecting physical treasures.[1][2]

Tomik is known to fly a gargoyle. He is Ral Zarek's lover, and they have been living together but trying to keep their relationship on the down-low because they're from different guilds.[3][4]


His parents were infamous advokists and oligarchs within the guild. When they died in an accident, they were quickly turned into spirits and continued to raise their son. Tomik grew up with a respect for the law that is unusual among the Orzhov, along with an appreciation for clever loopholes that is very much in character for the guild. His apprenticeship under Teysa Karlov had helped him build a career out of his talents, and during her imprisonment he had become her lifeline to the outside world. He operated as her right hand, running messages to her old contacts and fostering secret alliances.[5]

Before the War of the Spark, Tomik helped Kaya and Teysa in their plans to get rid of the Obzedat by offering the assistance of Ral Zarek in return for Orzhov's attendance at the guild summit.[6] Ral, in turn, recruited the Golgari Swarm to stage an attack.[7]

He was also the one who brought Hekara's corpse to Rix Maadi, where she was revived as a bloodwitch.[8]

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