Tobias Andrion

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Tobias Andrion
Race Human
Birthplace Sheoltun, Dominaria
Lifetime Unknown
Encyclopedia Dominia

Tobias Andrion was the most famous military administrator of the Sheoltun Empire on Dominaria. He was instrumental in establishing its military dominance over its neighbors in the early military campaigns of Sheoltun. His most important accomplishment was the campaign to eliminate organized piracy that once tyrannized central Aerona.

Although Sheoltun already controlled the mainland with an iron grip before Tobias was born, it was not yet established on the islands. He battled the legendary pirates of the Spice Isles over the course of three decades and destroyed even their most hidden fortresses.

However, Tobias was slain in an ambush by the captain and crew of the pirate ship Wavespawn. Although the exact nature of Tobias's death varies widely from tale to tale, in most stories of his death, he was struck down by magical lightning. According to one terrible legend, Tobias was reanimated, to dance upon the lifeless remains of his crew at the bottom of the ocean, a macabre dance he continues to this day.

The Andrion Bay, south of Benalia City, takes its name from Tobias' final resting place.

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