Tivan Desert

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The Tivan Desert is a desert in Jamuraa on Dominaria. It covers almost all of the southeastern subcontinent of Jamuura.[1] The southern edge is separated from the ocean by mountains.

The desert was formed by several millennial long lasting Cyclones, that were actually planar portals to Rabiah, that deposited enormous amounts of sand on the continent.[2] They also transported many inhabitants from Rabiah to Jamuura, humans, Djinn and Efreet, who then colonized the continent.

Teferi discovered that his friend Urza had left behind a series of devices and magical artifacts, that could be of help in repairing the Zhalfirin time rift. With help from his daughter Niambi, the Weatherlight crew and the Gatewatch, he retrieved one of these artifacts, a delicate dark crystal orb nestled in a cage of silver vines, from a giant monument in the Tivan Desert.[3]

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