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Thurzen Klathe

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Thurzen Klathe
Race Human
Birthplace Sarpadia, Dominaria
Lifetime Born unknown, Death unknown
'The Duelist'

Thurzen Klathe ("His Excellency") was the Lord High Priest of the Order of the Ebon Hand on the continent of Sarpadia on Dominaria.

Residing in Achtep Keep, he carried himself with measured words and a seemingly caring demeanor, despite the horrific sacrifices and practices of the Ebon Hand. When the dwarves were attacked by the orcs and goblins, Klathe was the only leader of the other four Sarpadian nations to send aid to Sarya Haasendel. Seeing it as an opportunity for religious conversion he sent the mercenary Ivra Jursdotter. While the Order was a cruel institution, it's unknown whether he intended Jursdotter to ultimately join the orcs. Regardless the dwarves' fate was sealed.[1]

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