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Cards throughout Theros Beyond Death heavily reference Greek mythology. There are also some throwbacks to the art and flavor Theros block.

Greek mythology[edit | edit source]

Throwbacks[edit | edit source]

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • The name Tycthis in flavour text of Ichthyomorphosis is a sort of anagram of the name card and the "flop" is a pun on the sound of something anticlimactically hitting the ground (such as a fish falling or trying to move after being transformed from an imposing human soldier). Some people add that "Tycthis" can be understood as "Did You See This?" (T-Y-C-this).
  • Captivating Unicorn is the fourth white common creature ever to have more than three power, coming 9 years after New Phyrexia's Loxodon Convert, an explicit color pie bend; the other two were Lorwyn's Lairwatch Giant (needing a larger size for R/W Giant tribal design) and Shards of Alara's Yoked Plowbeast (to assist with 5-power matters).

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