The Mimeoplasm

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The Mimeoplasm
Race Ooze
Birthplace Muraganda
Lifetime Unknown

The Mimeoplasm is a legendary ooze from Muraganda. It has the ability to absorb the power of already dead creatures to advance its own form.

Even if little is truly known of this bizarre entity, every civilization of the plane is aware of its existence. It got its name from the fang druids, which calls it the Mimeoplasm, as it absorbs the traits of anything it engulfs. The Mimeoplasm is always followed in its roaming by the saurid warriors of the south, who believe it to be the key to a mysterious afterlife, and hope to see in it traces of their fallen loved ones. The elves of the tropics believe that the Mimeoplasm be part of nature's cycle, a way to channel death back into life; while the scarwitches hiss when it approaches, seeing it as the ultimate enemy of the world. Whether it's a natural process or a malevolent force, the Mimeoplasm never fails to command respect. [1][2]

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