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Trivia by color[edit | edit source]

Blue[edit | edit source]

Black[edit | edit source]

Red[edit | edit source]

  • Ball Lightning 's artwork is referenced in the artwork of Dwarven Shrine from Odyssey.
  • Goblin Rock Sled created confusion for having "Goblin" in its name but not in its creature type, making it unclear to many at the time how it interacted with other cards in The Dark that referenced Goblins.
  • Inferno inspired the creation of Bloodfire Colossus.
  • Mana Clash is the only card with a casting cost of {R} that can potentially win the game on the first turn without any other assistance. This card is named after one of a few names considered for a time for the title of the game of Magic, which was considered too common a word to trademark; ": the Gathering" was later added to "Magic" to make it unique.

Green[edit | edit source]

Colorless[edit | edit source]

  • City of Shadows inspired the creation of Altar of Shadows.
  • Coal Golem has an ability that allows any deck to cast Ball Lightning. It inspired the creation of the Attendant cycle in the Invasion expansion, each of which has a similar ability that allows any deck to cast one of the corresponding Legendary Dragons from the Legendary Dragon cycle in the same set.
  • Maze of Ith was restricted in the Vintage format from October 1994 until April 1999 for its ability to slow games significantly. This card was heavily played due to its power, and under old Mulligan rules resulted in many opening hands without mana sources.
  • Reflecting Mirror is the first card to have the ability to change the target of another spell.
  • Safe Haven has an ability that originally functioned at interrupt speed because there were a few cards (such as Red Elemental Blast) at the time that could kill a creature at interrupt speed. It inspired the creation of Cold Storage.
  • Sorrow's Path is voted to be "the worst card (in terms of power) ever made" by Mark Rosewater.
  • Stone Calendar inspired the creation of the Medallion cycle in the Tempest expansion, which further inspired the Familiar cycle in the Planeshift expansion and the Warchief cycle in the Scourge expansion.

Multicolor[edit | edit source]

Top power & toughness[edit | edit source]

Sorted by decreasing combined power and toughness.

References[edit | edit source]

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