Teyo Verada

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Teyo Verada
Teyo Verada.png
Birthplace Gobakhan
Lifetime ~4544 AR -
Race Human planeswalker
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Teyo Verada is a Planeswalker shieldmage from the plane Gobakhan. At his introduction in the storyline, he is seventeen years old.[1][2]

Origins[edit | edit source]

Teyo used to be the worst acolyte in the Order of the Shieldmage, which protects towns from diamondstorms.[2] He sought to use his protective magic to shield his people against the storms, but during an exceptionally harsh tempest his spark ignited. His inaugural journey to Ravnica has landed him among countless others of his kind: Planeswalkers, all drawn to the city-world in the culmination of Nicol Bolas's plot for power.[3]

Planes visited[edit | edit source]

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