Terisiare (nation)

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Terisiare made up the western and central bulk of the continent (0 AR)
Plane Dominaria
Status Fallen
Later part of Malpiri
Fallaji Empire

Terisiare was a large nation governed from Terisia City on the continent of Terisiare. Terisiare was a setting for the expansion Antiquities, as well as portions of the novel The Thran.

Description[edit | edit source]

At the time of The Brothers' War (0-64 AR), 5,000 Years have passed since the Thran Civil War, and Terisiare has managed to largely rebuild into a dynamic and modernizing force on Dominaria. That is, until the war came along.

  • Terisia City the largest and most ancient city. Headquarters of the Third Way. It declared neutrality in the war, but was conquered several times by both sides.
  • The Halquina Mountains, the backbone of the southwestern peninsula.
  • Colekgan Mountains, a massive mountainous area in the northwest of the continent.
  • The Fallaji
  • The Great Desert, inhabited by the Fallaji tribes. Of these, the Tomakul and Zegot established their own cities.
  • Malpiri, the clan on the north-eastern plains
  • Ronom Glacier, a large body of ice at the furthest north of Terisiare. The site where Feldon found his first cane.
  • Ronom Lake, an immense lake in the centre of the continent, fed by the Ronom Glacier.
  • Sarinth a peaceful region, destroyed by Mishra's forces.
  • Yumok, a rival of Sarinth along the mountainous northern coast.

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