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Terisian Isles

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Terisian Isles
1e Terisiare.jpg
Plane Dominaria
Status Current
Formerly part of Terisiare

The Terisian Isles or Lost Continent are a group of continents and small islands formed after the Ice Age meltdown flooded much of Terisiare.

Geography[edit | edit source]

The original continent surrounded by the Shielded Sea has been broken up in smaller islands. The Sea of Laments now lies in the middle of the old continent. To the west lie the Ilesemare Sea and the Endless Sea and Otaria, to the northeast lie the Videnthian Sea and Greater Videnth, and to the south the Shielded Sea and of Sarpadia.[1]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Lat-Nam[edit | edit source]

  • the School of the Unseen, the newest college of wizardry.
  • The City of Shadows, a secretive training grounds for mages.

Gulmany[edit | edit source]

  • Efuan Pincar
  • The Kovrian Wastelands
  • Oran Ridge, a massive mountainous area in the northwest of the continent.
  • The Ronom Glacier, the coldest part of the continent.
  • Yumok, a rival of Sarinth along the mountainous northern coast.
  • Shingol, a fishing village on the west coast.[2]
  • Colekgan Mountains
  • Urhulaan Valley [2]
  • Eln Forest [2]

Almaaz[edit | edit source]

  • Ruins of Ancient Almaaz, buried beneath the dunes.
  • Almaaz (second kingdom), one of the most ancient kingdoms during the time of the Brothers. The only country that didn't collapse in the wake of the War.
  • Sumifa, its capital
  • The Halquina Mountains, the backbone of the southwestern peninsula. Now half-flooded, some of the peaks form an archipelago.
  • Fallajia, several different tribes of desert nomads.

New Argive[edit | edit source]

Yavimaya[edit | edit source]

Argoth[edit | edit source]

Other locations[edit | edit source]

  • Jharth, one of the smaller islands of the archipelago, between New Argive and Gulmany.
  • The Deep-sea trench connecting Terisiare with Sarpadia
  • Iwset and Jehesec, two small island states off the west coast.[2]
  • Alsoor, a city that was destroyed by diabolic machines.[5] Voska lived near it, and here Jodah had his first escape from Primata Delphine.
  • Pitdown the location a three-way battle between Alsoor, Ghed and a goblin host.
  • Ghed, a port city three days travel to the southwest from Alsoor.
  • Coireall, the site of a famous, contested tower.[6]
  • The Scarwood, a wooded region plagued by bandits, goblins, hags, and scavenger folk.
  • Thorn. Tivadar hailed from this town. He and his Knightly Order, aided by the wizard Rasputin Dreamweaver, temporarily restored civilization to Terisiare by throwing back the Goblin Invasions with their Crusade. This brought a close to the period known as 'the Dark.'

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