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Terena was the elven queen of the Llanowar elfhame Ruadach.

As a young girl, she travelled to a distant corner of Llanowar to gather Taradomnu root to cure her father, who had been poisoned by her power-hungry brother.[1] On her way she met a nice human boy whose family had been killed by the xenophobic prince. She killed the brother when he confronted her. However, getting back to the Elfhame she discovered she was too late and her father was already dead. Because of Ruadach inheritance law the throne was destined to go to the children of her now-dead brother, since she had no kids herself. Fortunately, she unexpectedly found out that she was pregnant by the boy she had met on her adventure, which allows her to take the throne for herself and her half-human child.

Terena ruled for 400 years, until she was killed in the Phyrexian invasion. Her half-elven daughter now rules as Queen Allenal.[2]

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