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Cards added to Tenth Edition[edit | edit source]

The following 214 cards from Tenth Edition were not printed in Ninth Edition.

Changes in rarity[edit | edit source]

The following cards changed rarity from their last printing to Tenth Edition.

Added flavor text[edit | edit source]

Cards with added flavor text on their foil versions.

# Color Name Foil flavor text
1 {W} Ancestor's Chosen "The will of all, by my hand done."
7 {W} Aven Cloudchaser "At the Reapportionment, Eagle begged to be human. The Ancestor granted half that prayer." — Nomad myth
19 {W} Heart of Light For those who reach enlightenment, violence is an unnecessary distraction.
22 {W} Holy Strength "May angels fly at your back. May your blade cleave the darkness." — War blessing of Serra
32 {W} Paladin en-Vec "I do not consider myself a hero. I know only what the Vec teach: justice must always be served and corruption must always be opposed."
33 {W} Pariah "Why would I consider penance for my actions when I have so many subjects willing to do it for me?" — Lord Konda
40 {W} Serra's Embrace The touch of Serra's angels bears hopes aloft and empowers noble causes.
43 {W} Skyhunter Skirmisher "Take the deadly grace and strength of the leonin, combined with a pteron mount capable of rending a foe in two and armed with notched steel. That is a skyhunter - and why Taj-Nar has never fallen." — Raksha Golden Cub
45 {W} Spirit Link "We are all inextricably linked, souls woven in tapestry."
78 {U} Dehydration The viashino used the spell to dry foods for crossing the Great Desert. The Suq'Ata later discovered its use in war.
93 {U} Mind Bend "The world, I've come to realize, is a blank canvas on which to paint." — Ixidor, reality sculptor
101 {U} Robe of Mirrors "Some say you cannot hit what you cannot see. I prefer that you hit what I want you to see." — Arcanis the Omnipotent
107 {U} Shimmering Wings "I leave words like ‘impossible' to the rabble. Whatever I imagine, I can create." — Ixidor, reality sculptor
132 {B} Contaminated Bond "My favorite curses are those that manifest slowly, blackening the soul in ways the victim cannot hope to understand." — Erissa, bog witch
142 {B} Fear "Even the bravest of warriors yet knows the dark clutch of fright upon his stalwart heart." — Lim-Dûl the Necromancer
161 {B} Mortivore The light sigh of its breath whistles through its bones.
163 {B} Nekrataal His victims don't have time to feel despair.
188 {R} Arcane Teachings Not all knowledge is learned from parchment.
200 {R} Firebreathing "Cradle your rage close to your heart and nurture your grudge with hatred that you may unleash upon your foes a dragon's fury." — Tomor, dragonspeaker shaman
237 {R} Spark Elemental Vulshok shamans could never keep them alive for more than a few seconds, yet those few seconds seemed to be enough.
244 {R} Uncontrollable Anger A barbarian's heart pounds with the fury of a prisoner, threatening at any moment to break the bars of its cage.
246 {R} Viashino Sandscout A viashino's overlapping scales form a buffer against Shiv's ash-flecked winds and a slippery target for goblin pikes.
251 {G} Avatar of Might In their most desperate hour, the elves of Llanowar had one song left to sing.
253 {G} Blanchwood Armor "Before armor, there was bark. Before blades, there were thorns." — Molimo, maro-sorcerer
279 {G} Mirri, Cat Warrior "Full of beauty and grace, with a predator's instincts . . . Although she wanders, I have always thought Mirri belongs in Llanowar most of all." — Rofellos, Llanowar emissary
280 {G} Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer "My mind is the spread of the canopy. My heart is the embrace of the roots. I am deathless Llanowar, its fury and its peace."
283 {G} Overgrowth "Let the forest spread! From salt, stone, and fen, let the new trees rise." — Molimo, maro-sorcerer
284 {G} Overrun Nature doesn't walk.
286 {G} Primal Rage Ferocity and cunning accounted for half the victory. Gravity accounted for the rest.
290 {G} Regeneration A touch of vine sap in the blood, and the flesh knits as quickly as new roots twining." — Freyalise
291 {G} Rhox It's as solid as the club in its hand — and about as subtle.
300 {G} Stampeding Wildebeests The most violent and destructive storms in Femeref occur on cloudless days.
305 {G} Troll Ascetic It's no coincidence that the oldest trolls are also the angriest.
317 {C} Colossus of Sardia Buried under a thin layer of dirt, it was known for centuries as Mount Sardia.
331 {C} Leonin Scimitar "Every scratch tells a story, and every notch has a name. Four generations have held this blade. You shall not disappoint them." — Initiation of Laena, skyhunter
333 {C} Mantis Engine "It's a clever design. You should look closely at its gearing after it swallows your head." — Jhoira, master artificer

Cards removed from Ninth Edition[edit | edit source]

The following 190 cards from Ninth Edition did not get reprinted in Tenth Edition.

Cards in every core set up to Tenth Edition[edit | edit source]

The following 16 cards appeared in all core sets from Beta to Tenth Edition.

The 9 cards that left after Ninth Edition are: Circle of Protection: Black, Circle of Protection: Red, Disrupting Scepter, Flight, Raise Dead, Shatter, Stone Rain, Stream of Life, Verduran Enchantress.

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