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October 2012/3[edit source]

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Avacyn Restored is the 59th Magic: The Gathering expansion. Released on May 4, 2012, the expansion is set on the plane of Innistrad.
Avacyn Restored, a large expansion, was a reboot of Innistrad block, introducing new themes and mechanics, namely, Miracle, Soulbond, "loners", and "flickering" and not utilizing most of those introduced in Innistrad. It did, however, revisit Undying from Dark Ascension.
The storyline for Avacyn Restored details the opening of the Helvault and the restoration of Avacyn to the Innistrad as well as the concurrent release of the numerous evils contained within, including Griselbrand, and a reversal in the human–monster struggle for superiority and survival.
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