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October 2012/2[edit source]

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Torment is the 25th Magic: The Gathering expansion. Released on February 8, 2002, the expansion is set on the Dominarian continent of Otaria.
Torment was a graveyard-focused expansion ("graveyard matters"), and featured flashback and threshold, like Odyssey and Judgment; but, unlike the two other expansions in the block, Torment was notably skewed in favor of black, featuring more black cards and generally having stronger cards than the other colors.
The Torment storyline, as documented in Chainer's Torment dealt with the finding of the Mirari, a powerful and mysterious artifact that called to numerous characters as well as the momentous rise and fall of Chainer, a Cabal dementia summoner. Fittingly, the Nightmare creature subtype was featured in this expansion on cards that could remove objects from the game when they came into play (and returned them when they left play).
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