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July 2018[edit source]

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Benalia is a powerful nation with a long history on the continent of Aerona on Dominaria. It was conquered during the Phyrexian Invasion and held for the duration of the war. Over the course of the next three centuries, Benalia devolved into a patchwork of competing states. When the time rifts opened, the land was plagued by dust storms and catastrophes. The states devolved into roving bands struggling to survive in a barren wasteland of salt flats whipped by unforgiving winds. What remained of Benalia City was besieged by slivers, and it became a salt-choked ruin.

After the Mending, the the Seven Great Houses were quick to reassert themselves. Those who could most reliably trace their lineage to the ancient clans took charge. Using the white limestones of fallen buildings, the city was rebuilt as New Benalia. The Church of Serra was officially embraced as the official religion of the state. Statues and stained-glass murals were raised honoring their fallen heroes. New arrivals were a flock of Aven, which had fled Otaria after the cataclysmatic events on that continent. Benalia is now once again a mercantile and military power.