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July 2017 (2)[edit source]

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The Gatewatch is a group of planeswalkers, committed to protect the people of the Multiverse from threats that no one else can handle.

The Gatewatch was formed after Gideon Jura, Jace Beleren, Chandra Nalaar and Nissa Revane together defeated the demon planeswalker Ob Nixilis on Zendikar. The four planeswalkers realized that they were helpless against large threats on their own, but that they could stand against just about any force in the Multiverse by working together. Their first project was to bind the Eldrazi Titans Kozilek and Ulamog to Zendikar, drawing the bulk of the Titans into the plane so that their energy could be dispersed into Zendikar, killing them in the process. On Innistrad, Liliana Vess came to their aid to defeat the last Titan, Emrakul. Seeing that a group of allies could be useful for her long-time plans, she decided to join the Gatewatch. On Kaladesh, the Gatewatch aided the Renegades in their rebellion against the Consulate. They were helped by Ajani Goldmane, who afterwards joined the team. Despite Ajani's plea that they should further amass allies before confronting head judge Tezzeret and his master Nicol Bolas, the rest of the group decided to follow the artificer to Amonkhet.

On Amonkhet, the Gatewatch discovered that their archenemy Nicol Bolas was creating an army of Eternals; highly trained fighting specialists which had been zombified while keeping their skills intact. When they confronted the dragon, they were soundly defeated. Each one fled away on his or her own.